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Frequently Asked Questions

••• Cleaning and care of Mates
This mate already has an internal curing treatment so it is ready to be used.
As it is a natural wood product, I recommend cleaning them with the least amount of water and not using a dishwasher or microwave.
It is important that after using the mate remove the grass and wash it without rubbing it only with hot water and dry it with kitchen paper, to absorb moisture well
Then dry it with a cloth very well and let it finish drying with the opening down. Leaving the weed moist in the mate without using it makes the wood taste ugly and ruin.
These cares will extend the life of your Mate.

••• What shipping company do you offer?
Our items will travel carefully packaged to you thanks to DHL.

••• Once purchased, how long does it take you to ship an item?
Processing time: between 1 – 3 Business Days at most.

••• How long does shipping take?
America: 2 – 7 Business Days
Europe: 3 – 6 Business Days
Rest of the world: 4 – 7 Business Days

••• How can I trace my my package?
During all the time that the item is flying from Argentina to your place we’ll be keeping you up to date about the shipping news, so you will not have to worry about that. Besides that, you can follow all the DHL movements with the tracking number we will provide you.

••• Why your need my phone and email?
If we do not find you on the day of delivery, you will receive a notice with the DHL contact. You can contact you DHL to arrange the schedule of the delivery.
Generally DHL will return the next day, if it cannot be delivered again, they will contact you by phone and email.

If you have any questions regarding this item, please hit the “Message Seller” button next to the price and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Gourds have a porous, fleshy texture on the inside. Some mate gourds may look “clean” on the inside and some other not.

These ones can show some rests of dried membranes and even seeds (this is not very common though) on the inside which you can easily remove with your fingers or a scraping tool if the hole of the gourd is too narrow.

All our mate gourds will look “clean” on the inside so there´s very little you should do before use them.

Fill your new gourd with almost boiling water (boiled water could crack the gourd), let the hot water sit for approximately 10 minutes. After this you may use a teaspoon and softly scrape the extra membrane out of the gourd under running water. If you have successfully removed the majority of the membrane you have completed the “curing” or cleaning process. If the inside of your new gourd looks pretty clean and there´s nothing to scrape out, just let the hot water rest and then rinse.

Product Features

AUTHENTIC YERBA MATE KIT – Handcrafted with a traditional squash plant, this is the most traditional way to drink yerba mate tea. Includes an alpaca silver bombilla which matched the gourd’s brim perfectly.

GORGEOUS AND LUXURIOUS – Adorned with an alpaca silver brim for a luxurious look and feel, this is a unique gourd. The alpaca bombilla offers a lustrous look to compliment the mate cup.

FAIR TRADE – From the farmers that grew the gourds to the artisans that handcrafted them, all parties were fairly paid and supported. All products were made in Argentina by local artisans.

PERFECT SIZE – The perfect size for easy and comfortable holdings. 55g weight; 45g dry mate capacity; 8 liquid oz capacity; 2.25 in brim; 3.25 in gourd width; 3.25 in height. Bombilla is 6.70 in / 17 cm.

TRUSTED CIRCLE OF DRINK BRAND – 100% Customer Satisfaction from a leading USA yerba mate brand and community – Free sticker included

What is yerba mate?

Yerba Mate (pronounced YER-bah MAH-tay) is a type of holly plant native to Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. Drunk for thousands of years by the native Guaraní tribe of the Paraná, the plant has been revered for its ability to naturally stimulate the mind and body. With a significantly higher antioxidant capacity than of green tea, it has more healing power and nutrition than any other plant on the Earth. Mate contains a unique combination of caffeine (in coffee), theophylline (in tea), and theobromine (in chocolate) which is responsible for refreshing your mind, uplifting your mood, and remaining alert without any jitters or crashes. There’s no other herb like yerba mate.

Yerba Mate Health Benefits

• Increases wellbeing and Happiness
• Natural Energizer
• Loaded with Antioxidants
• Decreases Stress
• Improves Sleep
• Lowers Blood Pressure
• Lowers Bad Cholesterol
• Help you Lose Weight
• Boosts Creativity
• Improves Immune System

How to prepare yerba mate tea with your gourd and bombilla

1. Fill gourd with 3/4s yerba mate tea.
2. Push yerba mate to one side of the gourd with a spoon on your bombilla, creating a mountain of mate on one side.
3. Add room temperature or cold water to this open space and allow to sit for 30 seconds.
4. Insert your bombilla to the side you poured the water, then begin sipping.
5. Proceed with adding hot (not exceeding 165ºF) or cold water and enjoy until the mate becomes tasteless.


About Paraguayan Handcrafts

Paraguay is known for its variety and richness in handcrafts, giving the country worldwide recognition in Crafts.

Paraguayan Crafts have exquisite handmade crafts made by excellent artisans. They have learned this ancestral art and keep teaching it from generation to generation.

Ñandutí is one of the most asked and known textures, is similar to a spider net. It is built over little circular, square, and rectangular modules, the artisan used to join the cotton fibber and make the piece. There are also flower designs inspired in local vegetation like mburucujá flower (also known as pasionaria). Another known work is Encaje Jú, also made in cotton and a little bit thicker.

Ao Poi is the most traditional one, is very delicate and made also in white or vivid colors and embroidered with designs inspired in nature and geometry. The word Ao means fabric and Poi means slender.

Jewelry is very rich too in this culture. Filigree pieces are really asked. Artisans took these techniques from Hispanic ancestors and gave their unique touch making them very characteristic of this region.


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