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The Company

Our company was born in 2003, formed by a group of people interested in Paraguayan Handcrafts’ beauty and history. We reunite an ample group of expert craftsmen who share a passion for this ancestral art with us. Next to them we design and take care of each piece, granting export quality to every single product we offer.

We work together to approach Paraguayan Culture to anyone who enjoys the beauty and history of this culture as we do.

Therefore, we want to join the best of two worlds. The Wealth of this ancestral art and the advantages of modern technology allows us to have this internet site you can access and visit from the comfort of your home.

We hope you enjoy our Paraguayan Handcrafts Virtual Store!!! You will find:

  • Personal Attention
  • Quality Control in all Products
  • Innovation and Design

Mission and Vision

ARTEMANOS S.A. is dedicated to commercializing Paraguayan Crafts entirely made by hand and with export quality, We focus on the design and quality of every piece we offer to our clients around the world. We get closer to them by our Virtual Store of Paraguayan Crafts.

ARTEMANOS S.A. offers its products to both, interested wholesalers and a single consumer.

ARTEMANOS S.A. tries to mix the wealth and richness of ancestral techniques, fashion trends and design.

ARTEMANOS S.A. tries to help our community development by allowing them to transfer Paraguayan Culture from generation to generation.

ARTEMANOS S.A. works to be the best Paraguayan Handcrafts Virtual Store, trying to create a union tie between Paraguay and the World by their handmade products.

About Paraguayan Handcrafts

Paraguay is known for its variety and richness in handicrafts, giving the country worldwide recognition in Crafts.

Also, Paraguayan Crafts have exquisite handmade crafts made by excellent artisans. They have learned this ancestral art and keep teaching it from generation to generation.

Therefore, Ñandutí is one of the most asked and known textures and is similar to a spider net. It is built over little circular, square, and rectangular modules, which the artisan used to join the cotton fibber and make the piece. There are also flower designs inspired in local vegetation like mburucujá flower (also known as pasionaria). Another known work is Encaje Jú, also made in cotton and a little bit thicker.

Moreover, Ao Poi is the most traditional one, is very delicate and made in white or vivid colors and embroidered with designs inspired in nature and geometry. The word Ao means fabric and Poi means slender.

Finally, Jewelry is very rich in this culture. Filigree pieces are really asked. Artisans took these techniques from Hispanic ancestors and gave their unique touch making them very characteristic of this region.

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